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Part Name: Billet Bumper Grill

6--#8x3/4" Phillips Screws 6--#8 Flat Nuts

1. Identify the right and left billet by test fittng the grilles into the openings.
Some vehicles are not equpped with tow hooks; if the vehicle does not have tow hooks, skip to step 2. Use an 18mm socket wrench to un-bolt the tow hooks from the frame if so equpped.

2. Center one of the grills in place. Mark the mounting tabs to the tow hook opening. Re-center the grill. Double check the marks to the mounting tabs. Remve the billet and drill a 1/16" hole at each mark.

3. Center the grille and user the screws to attach the grill. Flat nuts have been supplied to secure the screws from behind the bumper cover. These are recommended so the screws secure properly. Repeat the process on the other grill.

These instructions are offered as an unguaranteed general guide to try to help. You may need to adjust to fit your application. We recommend professional installation for best results. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the installation.

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